PBT Online Processing is a premier Payment Service Provider, which has been working with the online industry for nearly a decade.  Our proprietary online credit card clearing service is based on the state-of-the-art technologies.

We offer a complete turn-key solution and function as a “one-stop-shop” for all your needs.

PBT Online Processing understands that there is no such thing a “one size fits all” payment solution.  Instead, we create a tailored solution for each client, to ensure their payment processing needs and business requirements are being met.

Some of the industries we specialize in include:


PBT Online Processing also offers alternative payment solutions to improve your conversion rates. We have local payment solutions, direct debit, e-Wallet, IVR, and branded prepaid cards.

Online merchants can feel confident accepting credit cards, debit cards and alternative payment transactions with the most stringent data security standards.


Local payment solutions within the specified countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Poland, Australia, Spain and New Zealand allows you to directly and automatically trigger a credit transfer during your online purchase with your online banking information. A transfer order is instantly confirmed to the merchant allowing an instant delivery of goods and services.


Direct debit is one of the most popular payment method in Europe and very easy to use. After the customer chooses the method of payment and enters their PIN code, the deposit is withdrawn directly from the customers’ bank account, all they need is a bank account in the SEPA region. The solution is an actual PULL transaction from the user’s bank account in all SEPA countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia. This solution is also ideal for recurring payments such as memberships and subscriptions.


Our online bank transfer solution enables you to receive payments from clients who otherwise would not be able to deposit on your site with a credit card. This solutions gives them the option to send you a bank wire with no more than the click of a button. As your payment page will be integrated into this solution through Netpay, all your client has to do is choose this option as his method of payment and he will then be re-routed to his bank’s page where he will make the wire transfer from his account.

This payment solution is risk free. If the transaction is successful your payout is guaranteed 100%.
We offer this solution to customers with bank accounts in the 37 countries below:

 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Czech Republic
 Hong Kong